LINQ – Copy an Entity in Different Contexts


“An entity object cannot be referenced by multiple instances of IEntityChangeTracker.”


“ApplyCurrentValues” method. (For Framework 3.5 “ApplyPropertyChanges”)

This solution is might be useful if you want to copy the scalar values of an entity to another entity that is belong to a different context.

For example I have a method that takes an invoice entity and updates it.

public bool UpdateInvoice(InvoiceEntity invoice)


int res = 0;



using (MyEntities dataModel = new MyEntities ())


var originalRecord = (from p in dataModel.InvoiceEntity

where p.InvoiceId == invoice.InvoiceId

select p).FirstOrDefault();

dataModel.ApplyCurrentValues(originalRecord.EntityKey.EntitySetName, invoice);

res = _dataModel.SaveChanges();



catch (Exception ex)



throw ex;


return res > 0;


If you wish, Instead of this method you can create a new instance of the invoice and asign the values using the invoice in the method parameters. However, you have to update that code whenever the invoice table updated.

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